Section as subtask via API, is it possible?

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Scenario using UI:

I have a board with some columns, I can add a task in a specific column and with Tab + N, I can add a section as a subtask inside the task.

Is it possible to do this via api? If I use section endpoint I can create a new column. I already try set the task like parent or membership but it’s not working (or I’m using incorrect params). I can’t see this on docs.

a screnshot to show

Yes, you can do this.

As part of the recent Asana change that’s in process regarding sections, what you think of as “sections” in subtasks and in the My Tasks view are now called separators as they are now totally distinct from true sections.

A separator in a subtask or My Tasks is simply a task that has its is_rendered_as_separator property set to “true”. See the Tasks documentation for is_rendered_as_separator:

So you want to create a new subtask and set that property to accomplish what you want. Note that for now, in order to set this property on a task, you have to supply the new_sections header as provided by the deprecations framework. Note also that in order to see this property you have to opt in to receive it by using the opt_fields=is_rendered_as_separator syntax.


Thanks very much. It works.

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