Creating Subtask Sections

Hi there,

I’m trying to use Integromat to add subtasks to tasks automatically. I can create subtasks just fine but I want to be able to create subtask sections.

I can’t see an obvious way to do this. I can create project sections but there’s no way to redirect that function to a task. I’m also pretty sure subtasks aren’t even members of subtask sections - in this way I assume subtask sections are just a ‘special’ kind of subtask? I thought maybe the way to do it was to create a subtask but set the subtype to be ‘section’ or something, but that isn’t one of the available options in integromat.

Think I’ll have to achieve this with an API call, if that’s even possible. Does anyone know how subtask sections are treated? And how to create one with the API?


You are correct that a subtask section is just a kind of task. (In Asana technical terms it’s called a “separator” to distinguish it from actual Sections which are their own object.)

When you create your subtask, just set the is_rendered_as_separator property to true. That’s it!

One note, though; don’t set the resource_subtype property to anything when you create a separator; it causes the creation to fail for some reason.