Subtask sections -- subtasks have "membership" in a subtask section? If so, can't find it

I’m trying to build an integromat automation that will take into account what subtask section a subtask is part of. I’m guessing this isn’t supported in the API because subtask sections aren’t actually sections but just bolded, formatted tasks… is that correct? No way to distinguish via the API what subtask section a subtask is in?

Hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart

Since around the end of 2018, sections are no longer special tasks, but they are real separate entities, you can read that post about it.

Sections are dead! Long live sections! - Developers & API - Asana Community Forum

Now, if you need to know which section a subtask is in, you can read its “memberships.section” opt_field.

But, there are good chances that it will be empty, because most of the time, the “parent” task is in a section, but the subtask is not.

So, you can query opt_field “parent.memberships.section” of your subtask, to get its parent section.

@Frederic_Malenfant - I appreciate the response… but subtask sections are still a thing and, if I’m not mistaken, they are still just special tasks, aren’t they? I’m not referring to parent task sections.

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m referring to:

Are you saying these subtask sections also show up in the “memberships.section” for a subtask? If so, I’m just doing something wrong.

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You’re correct. Subtask sections are “separator tasks” and there’s no membership and no direct way in the API to get this info. (I think @Frederic_Malenfant misunderstood your question to be about sections whereas you were asking about subtask sections.)

You may be interested to know that Asana2Go does do just what you want. It goes out of its way to treat Sections and Separators similarly and normalize this for the A2G user, so it has the membership property you’re looking for by just making it operate the same for subtask Separators as for task Sections:


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Oh sorry ! as you can see in some of my answers, my english is not perfect :smiley: and I didn’t know about subtasks sections !! I will take a look at it !!


@Frederic_Malenfant, no need to apologize–your English is excellent and your answers are terrific and are always must-reads for me!



Yes, no need to apologize. I sincerely appreciate your response and your efforts to help. :slight_smile: Thank you!

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I. LOVE. Asana2Go! So many great, very useful features.

In this case, I need to find a solution that I can use in an automation. We aren’t looking for a way to display info from Asana manually. We are running an automation to create a report based on what subtask sections that the subtask is in.

Thanks so much for the creative thinking though! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @Bry_ProjectKickstart. I didn’t mean you could use A2G for this but pointing out if you are processing all subtasks of a task in order you could similarly derive the separator membership.

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Oh… wow. @lpb - That’s a fantastic idea. I’ll see if I can work up that kind of logic in the automation. Thanks for the really great creativity!

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Hi @Bry_ProjectKickstart ,

As Larry mentions, in Asana’s technical language, “subtask sections” are called “separators”. (They use that term so as to avoid using the word “section” at all, to try and distinguish them from actual sections, which as Frederic says, are a whole unique object type.)

A subtask section is just a subtask with its field is_rendered_as_separator set to true. So if you analyze a task’s subtasks and look for a subtask with that field and value, you can know that all tasks below it (at least until you hit another separator) are considered to be “in” that “subtask section”.


Following that discussion, I did some test :smiley: and, using the API, I am able to “assign” me a section! I don’t think we can do that when using the asana UI, but from the API (using our app Bridge24), we can :slight_smile: So we’ll add the subtask-sections management in our app soon !
Now, I see a sub-task section in “my tasks” !

@Frederic_Malenfant - yes, you can assign it to yourself and you can add details and attachments, but you can’t access that from the subtask list. I’d say assigning and adding task details is there more as an accidental attribute and not a feature. So, just be cautious about how you portray it to users because it’s likely to be deprecated as soon as Asana updates sections for subtasks.

I didn’t realize you are from Bridge24! I LOVE Bridge24! Thanks for interacting here.


Spot on, @Bry_ProjectKickstart.

I concur 100% - thanks for your ongoing contributions, @Frederic_Malenfant!