Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Great!!..I think this is going to be a real enhancement for the product!!

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I’m enjoying the excellent, new List View functionality–well done, Asana!!

Spreadsheet-like list view lovers: Please also consider checking out the new Responsive list view, multi-column sorts, hide/show 21 columns, filter-as-you-type, and more: Asana2Go Interactive Tables ✨ which complements Asana’s new List View with these additional features:

  • Works not just for Project view, but also for My Tasks, Search Results, and Tags views, as well as for Subsections/Subtasks selections
  • Offers 21 columns (fields) to toggle on/off; thus, most of the Task Detail Pane content is available (even Description)–for multiple tasks at once
  • All columns are sortable individually or in multi-column sorts, ascending or descending; and the # Subtasks and # Comments columns are sortable too
  • Automatic column sizing; no content truncation
  • Filter as you type
  • Asana2Go is free for all private and most commercial use (see Asana2Go for details)




One thing this new (cool) design broke is the ability to multi-select tasks while seeing other columns. For example if I want to select all “Lost” client and move them into the “Lost” section: when I click on the first client, I don’t see the custom fields anymore.


I was so disappointed when I clicked on My Tasks and it wasn’t there.
Why would you leave it off that page? I do all my work in Asana on the My Tasks page, I only use the others when I need to create a new project or similar. Please do this update. Why leave My Tasks out of the fun? :slight_smile:


I’m still not seeing this in our account. Is there a way we can request access to this feature?


You just have to be patient, I am being said it won’t be long.

Yes, please add to My Tasks.

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I already submitted this in the survey for this feature change; however, I want to put it here as well. We need to be able to resize the columns and as an added bonus the rows… Now that we can side-scroll and add as many custom fields as we like the column size needs to be adjustable. There are certain fields that I want to see without having to hover over them. Not to mention there are some projects where I want to see the full task names on the left hand side even when I have a task “opened”. This could be solved by adding wordwrap/resize of row height…

Loving the icons to let us know when a comment or subtask exists but what about letting us know a description exists. I have a TON of tasks with no description. The task name says it all. But there are others where the description is 100% necessary. You have this icon ability built in now… why not use it to denote more than just comments/subtasks?

Also, Sections have the ability to have comments/subtasks (which we use in our templates to obfuscate tasks until necessary, then drag/drop into main task area). There are no icons denoting subtasks on Sections.


Hi @Matthew_Burt and thanks for sharing your feedback with us.

Regarding column resizing, have a look at this other post from me: Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #24

And for the description indicator, I would highly recommend you to create a new thread in the #productfeedback category to allow other users to vote and support this feature request.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your feedback with us, have a great day!

Looks great. How can we opt-in to get some more experience and deliver feedback to the team?

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Hi, I’m getting a message saying I’m only able to post comments, that there’s a process between list and Table view for the project.

How can I go back to normal and be able to create tasks? It’s been several days with this problem.

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Love the “Subtask and Comment Count” feature.

Regarding Subtask Count, can you show at a glance how many subtasks are remaining to be completed? (e.g. 2/4)


Hi @Pedro_Cabrera, please create a new thread in the #tipsandtricks category with more details and a screenshot to illustrate the issue? I’ll be more than happy to look into this for you!

@EljVek, this is not planned at this time, but other customers have requested it and it’s definitely something we will look into for future updates :slight_smile:


Can’t say I love the aesthetic of the new design. But I’m sure functionality will be great. Looking forward to getting to try it out. I’m not an early adopter it seems so I appreciate being able to read everyone’s feedback.


Ditto! Me too! It would be helpful to know what’s coming down the pike to be able to plan an update and training if necessary! Good question!

@Marie just curious: as an Asana employee, how long do you have access to features like this before us? :slight_smile: I would pay a lot (of drinks :slight_smile: ) to see what else you have access to!

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3:

As Asana employees, we help dogfooding new features and updates to avoid any bugs when we roll out to the general public. We usually get access a couple of weeks before we start rolling out!

We’ve some exciting updates coming up, I can’t wait to share them with you :slight_smile:


Hi , how long before we can have the upgrade to the new list view. I still haven’t seen the new list view or the collapsable section on any of our projects.


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I actually use Clockify rather than Harvest and I find it works really well for me!
Definitely quite a few options to do this with.

Is there an option to return to old view?