Requested List View Updates

Several requested updates to the new list view to make it easier to read and more scannable.

  1. Allow option to remove column lines
  2. Allow option (or entirely remove) flat, spreadsheet layout so that background is visible in project
  3. Make task column width smaller, so that task details don’t take up more than half the screen and cut off titles of other tasks
  4. Make task detail view width adjustable, failing implementation of #asana2go

Ideally: let people go back to old view.

Hi @Susanna1 and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

We usually don’t allow users to post several feedback on one thread as it quickly become confusing for other users and make it difficult for us to follow-up on.

Please note that we don’t offer to opt out of new updates, I’ve outlined the reason why we don’t offer this in the following post: Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View! - #82

Our team is already working on implementing an option to resize columns, I will post an update in the announcement as soon as it becomes live for all users.