Form 2.0 Requests

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I know forms are being worked on, so this is probably too late, however, I will give it a go here.

Form Builder
The ability to link form elements in a workflow like we do dependancies in Timeline. Click and drag a link from one element to the next such as the Yes option drags to a branch. I think seeing the form as like a Gantt or flow chart would be easier to build. This will also give me the ability to set up blocks of questions and move requestors back and forth in the process.

Library Forms
I think this was previously requested, but forms in a library like CFs so we can build them and share them with other projects. HOWEVER, I would like the ability to START with a form in a library by cloning it into my project so I can edit it specifically for that project.

You could also have Form Elements in the library so I can have the option to not only add the entire form, but only selected options (questions, instructions). If I have a new question or updated instructions, I can add those to the library then use in all forms as needed rather than updating everything each time in each form manually.

Next Option
Instead of one large flowing form, the ability to parse out into section that you move to via a Next button. Just a cleaner, more modern way of offering forms.

Gated Forms
The ability to gate a form. If requestor doesn’t select certain options, the submit button is not available to them. Currently we can have Yes/No as a question and Yes can branch to the other options, however, No is still a valid option and the form will submit.

Headers & Information Text
The ability to add headers to sections and information text boxes. Text we provide to the user, such as the description, but outside of a question. If they select NO, we can give them some text on what to do next. Or instructions for an entire section of the form.

Form Collaborators - Form Workflow
Several clients wants the ability for multiple people to interact with the form (often folks from different teams needs to add data to a request). They want to add collaborators to the form that they can pass around with a FINAL SUBMIT creating the task. Like a workflow.

Email request form may start with the requestor, but then get assigned over to the Marketo team for input, then Salesforce, then the form is complete when all departments have entered data or selected something to indicate no work for us. I understand this will be the hardest request.

Change Fields
Ability to change the field (question) without destroying the current data. Single line text to paragraph. Single select to multi-select.

Date / Time Field

  1. Ability to set a time as we do in the task.
  2. The ability to have a field that you can enter both Start and End time
  3. Ability to have a date range as you do in a task

Default Field Text
Ability to edit the default text in the fields. Enter your answer that we can change to something more specific to the question we are asking.

Add Submitter as Collaborator
Everyone wants automation so to add the submitter as a collaborator (assuming they have an Asana account) would be great.

Form Data as a File
Ability to have form data as a file instead of outputting to the description field (or option for both). Some form requests are like a brief and we want to be able to add to the project documents as such.

Copy all form data into a PDF attachment

Number Field
The ability to set number field format as we do with CFs

Multi-select <> CF
This is probably coming. The multi-select to connect to a CF.

Unique Conformation
Form conformation as a field to add to the form. This way, depending on how the form terminates, we can give custom conformations.
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I would like to see default rules in the form settings that we can apply without going against our project rule count. Or just increase the project rule count… again :slight_smile:

Multiple Forms
I see this as a lesser need if we can better branch requests. I think folks want multiple forms per project as it is difficult to use the form builder currently.

Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback!

We do have some existing threads for some of these requests already. We have also created new threads for the new requests, this helps us to follow-up on each request once we have any updates. Feel free to vote for them below and create separate threads when you have any ideas :slight_smile: Thanks again!