Editing form field default text: “Enter your answer”

I was wondering if auser can edit the form field text that displays by default in Asana forms. For example, see Screenshot 2020-06-15 16.41.18

We’d like to edit the text “Enter your answer” in the form field to some other line of text. I don’t see an option to do this, but am posting here to make sure I am not missing anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome to the Community Forum, @Larry_Vollmer!

Good question! It’s currently not possible to edit the text “Enter your answer” in the answer box. You can provide more information about the question and how to answer in the description and it’ll appear above the answer box.

I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the product feedback category to allow votes. I’ve also slightly updated the name to make it more discoverable to other users.

I hope this helps and thanks for sharing this feedback! :raised_hands: