Forms: Allow removal of Name and Email fields

When creating a form, there is a Name and Email field pre-populated and marked as mandatory.

I want to remove these fields from the form, but it’s not possible.

Please allow us to remove these fields. They are not part of my form workflow and are just adding useless fields.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us @Collin_Vine

Asana Forms have the name and email question by default to ensure you get the contact information of the people who are requesting work from your team but I completely understand how this fields are not relevant for your workflow.

I don’t think this is in our near term plans, but hopefully this is something we can evaluate for future improvements!

Thanks for the response, Natalia.

That’s a little disappointing to hear, as it seems like it’d be a minimal change to allow the removal of these fields when the user’s use-case doesn’t necessitate them (like in my case).

I’d hope that as a principle the idea of “give user the choice” could be employed here; maybe the product team will reconsider and remove the requirement of these fields. Right now it feels like it was designed for a very specific use-case and that’s being forced on all users vs. designing it for more flexible requirements.


I agree with Collin. This seems over-reaching on the part of Asana. I’m sure they have good intentions, but if we are capable of setting up and managing a project management platform like Asana, I’m sure we can manage including the form fields we require for our use.

I too want to remove the default Name and Email fields. In my case, I want the ‘Name’ field to be mapped to a custom field, not just some text in the Task Description. If we were able to create or our forms and decide which form fields are pertinent to our situation, this would not be a problem.

Please Asana, just remove the block on letting us delete those two default fields. I don’t mind if every new form includes those fields by default. That’s fine, just let us remove them when WE determine they are unnecessary and/or problematic to our goals. Thanks.


Hello - I’d also like to request that we are able to delete and replace the first two questions in Asana forms - Name and email. Our org has no need for the email field but we are unable to replace or delete it currently.


Welcome to the Forum @Jae_Reyes and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

I have merged your post with the existing thread we have regarding this request to consolidate feedback. I hope it’s OK.

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Name and email should be removed or autofilled for logged in users. This is nearly 2020 after all. Makes perfect sense for those not logged in as we need to know who submitted.


Same here. We use forms among our internal team; Name is ok but there’s really no need to ask for email.

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Please allow name and email fields to be removed from the forms or allow the name and email fields to be added to the list view.

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Agreed we should absolutely be able to remove these! I want these fields but want them to go to custom fields not description so the standard ones are not helpful and repetitive


Yes, please allow us to remove!

I would also like to be able to remove name and email address from my form. Thanks!