Removing Unnecessary Fields

Hi, brand new to Asana, my team has tasked me with cleaning up the visual appearance of our Projects board. I have noticed that with each task card there are a lot of unused fields, I see that fields with a drop down you can delete but all the other do not have this option. Is there way to freely edit the fields available across the entire board or even on a card by card basis. Examples of unused fields would be, Vote count, attachment count, comment count, checklist item total, check list item completed count. Is this a premium feature or possible at all.


Hi @Aaron_Sinclair, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can currently remove field from a project following the steps in this article: Custom Fields • Asana

If you cannot remove the fields, it can be because you are using an Asana Created Template.

I hope this helps!

Hi Emily, thank you for the quick response. I think we started out with an Asana Template, is there a way to convert an asana template board to a non template. We have populated the board with tasks and projects already, is there an easy way to convert it out so we can edit these fields?