Ability to delete Asana-created custom fields

I’ve created a project from a template (Software Implementation) and it brought about creating four custom fields in my workspace’s library. Eventually I will not use this project and I’d like to remove those fields. I can’t find a way todo it.


I have written to Asana’s support, and was encouraged to post this on the Community Forum. Could anyone please help?

The custom fields in your screenshot are created by Asana. Unfortunately there’s no option to remove Asana made custom fields from your library at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hi @Przemek,

As Asana support told you, those are Asana-created custom fields and as such there’s no way to delete them. You’ll have to live with them.

(The part of their message about posting on the forum wasn’t a suggestion that you could get help here with this particular question; it was just a general comment they made letting you know the forum existed for other future questions you might have.)

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman. Now I see.
The point is I do not want to delete the fields, I just want to remove them form my workspace’s library. I can’t understand why Asana is indirectly promoting clutter in user’s workspace by not giving a tool to remove the custom fields while the template is removed.

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I understand totally; unfortunately those two things are the same since you can’t remove a field from the library without deleting it; and you can’t do that for those Asana-created fields.

I can’t, either!


I checked and I actually can’t find another Product Feedback post with this request - so I renamed the post to better reflect your desire (and I voted for it!). Hopefully others will vote for it as well.


Any news for some options regarding Custom Fields. I have the same problem, I added new Custome Fields and now I don’t use them anymore. How can I delete them from my Library?

Find a project which contains that field (or just add it to a project), go to the Customize menu for that project, hover over the relevant field and click the pencil (Edit) icon. In the resulting window, click the Delete field button.


I have the same issue, I have some asana created fields in my library. When I follow your suggestion of adding to a project so I can delete the field - the delete option is greyed out!!!

My issue with the fields being available in my company library of fields is that users are likly to accidentally add them to a project - it is crazy that these cannot be deleted from our company library - I dont want to delete the fields, just not have them included in the company library - see below screenshot.
I know why they are there, because i used an asana template during my initial testing of the product - but there should not be options that you might experiment with during testing that cannot be rolled back or removed - really annoying

This is what I see when I try and delete the field

Hello @Paul_Hayes

Based on the screenshot it looks like this is an Asana created field. You are unable to edit any of those that are created by Asana. Here is a list Is there a list of all standard fields? - #10 (Note this list is probably a bit outdated)

Hi, I know it was created by asana , from the replies above this was because i used a template in my testing of the system pre-purchase. My request is that I do not want the field to be visible in my orgs library, I just want the fields that i have created to be visible - How do i remove these fields from my library? the reason i was asking about deletion was because that was suggested as a solution above by Phil Seeman.

Cannot believe it is so difficult to not have these fields listed in the library section.

Ah okay.

As Phil mentioned here this is currently not possible.

The other comment you refer to was a custom field created by a user, not one created by Asana.

OK, so basically because I experimented with a template to explore the functionality, I now forever have to live with the custom fields in the orgainsation field library!!! This is such a poor user experience - is there now way i can raise a ticket and ask for these fields to be removed - i have no need for them and we will not using asana created project templates or fields - I just need to get rid of them as I know that even though we will explain to users that they should not use them, they will!!!

Hey @Paul_Hayes,

yeah I understand what problem this could maybe cause you and your team.
Best to reach out to Asana support to see if there is anything that can be done.

Has this issue with customized fields within the field library been dealt with? I would like to remove fields since demoing Asana Enterprise.

I am also missing this feature. But seems no actions from Asana