Remove Custom Fields

I recently switched from a trial membership to the free version of Asana and have custom fields that I set up when I was on the trial version.

I would like to delete the custom fields but it appears that option is not available. I’d rather not recreate the project without those fields. Is there a workaround here?


You can try asking support (I’m not positive if they’ll do that, but worth a try): To create a support ticket, go to (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.”

If you were willing, you could do this yourself by creating a new project and “re-home” all tasks (completed and incomplete) into the new project: Multi-select 50 tasks at a time and 1) add to the new project, and 2) remove from the old project.



Thanks very much for the suggestion -

I am up for the work certainly - How do i re-home a Task? Thoughts on exporting and then importing into a new project?

See Multi-homing and Add to project here in the Forum or Asana Help.

Export/Import will lose all comment threads and some other info as well; that’s why I recommended the above.

Hey @Jeff_Angell ,

This mini guide may also help:

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