Editing fields in organization field library

Hi - I have a project-level custom field that I’d like to add to our organization’s field library. However, there are already 2 custom fields in the library with the same name/label (that, to my knowledge, we no longer use).

Is there a way to edit and/or remove custom fields from the organization library? Is that something only an Admin an do?


Hi @Matilda_Schieren welcome back to the forum.
If you click on the library field it should tell you who created that field. You can then ask them to delete it, if they are no longer a part of your org, message Asana support to remove that field.

@Matilda_Schieren , yes, an Asana Admin can override any fields that are locked to editing by others, therefore they should be able to delete the custom field.

But make sure that indeed this field is no longer used, otherwise you may upset some of your colleagues :grimacing:

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