Deleting Custom Field for the Team

Hey guys,

Is there a way to delete custom fields at a Team Level so that they don’t appear in the list of “created fields” when I add fields to a project?

I want to do some clean up in what we have available and merge duplicates.

I’d say you would have to remove the field from all the projects using it. The challenge is to find them :sweat_smile:

This page might help. It discusses removing them:

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Hello @JPMercier :wave:,

Go into a project that contains the field that you would like to delete and manage custom fields. Select the ellipsis next to the field that you would like to delete and edit field settings.

When you get the following screen you can delete the custom field and it will delete across the whole team and remove it from any projects that it is currently in.

I hope this helps,


But I still don’t have a overall view of all the fields that exist by doing this. There is no way for me to access the full list of custom fields we have?

Custom Fields are stored at a Project Level and not at your company level. If you need to remove them from every project that it is used I recommend opening up a support ticket and requesting their help. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when removing custom fields:

Removing a field only removes it from the current project, it does not delete the field entirely. Other projects in your Organization with the same field will retain it and the field could still be added to other projects in your Organization.

Retained values

Removing a field from your project does not delete your field’s values from your project’s tasks.

If your field is populated, the custom field and its value will still appear in the right pane of your task’s details.

If your field is empty, the custom field will also disappear from the right pane of your task’s details.

Thanks for the info Todd. :slight_smile:

I have had requests to build the same as but for custom fields, maybe I will!


You can through an API connection. We use a project to catalog all of our team custom fields so we can refer to them easily.

I ended up creating mine by working through the alphabet in the add custom fields to see all that we had created already. Luckily we didn’t have too many so it didn’t take to long to set up. We realized early on that we needed a reference guide to all of the team custom fields.



That sounds like a great idea.

Asana definitely lacks a Custom Field administration tool, just like it lacks one for tags.


@Katie_Reynolds Thanks for the instructions. It worked for custom fields that we have created ourselves, but when I tried to do this for some Asana-created fields, it says “this field is used in a template and cannot be edited”. Therefore, it cannot be deleted. Which also means that anytime I try an Asana template that contains custom fields, I’m stuck with them forever, even if I don’t end up using that template. Any ideas?

Hi Russel,

Unfortunately you cannot delete the Asana custom fields, but at least they have the three dot icon next to them. We tend to ignore any of the Asana custom fields. They are great for starting points for us, but really don’t suit our needs so we would rather create our own and focus on the ones that we have created. If we pull in a template from Asana that has the custom fields we may use a custom field that comes with the template or remove it and use our own.