Adding new custom fields to project details

We have a set of custom fields that are automatically added to every new project (see attached). How do you add/edit those custom fields? And how do you do that at te top level so ALL future projects have the adjusted fields?
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Hi @Rachel_Roush

In my opinion, I’d suggest firstly to make sure all these custom fields are added to the Organization’s Library. If so, then every field you change should be updated through all your projects.

Please try and let us know if that worked. Unless someone has something to add? …or correct me if I’m wrong?

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Thanks for the quick response! How would I access the Organization Library?

Hi @Rachel_Roush

First you click on the arrow right of the field’s name and select ‘Edit field’.

Then, when you have set up the field in your preference, make sure you have this option checked (and don’t forget to save) :

In case a field isn’t already to the Library, then I’m afraid you’ll need to go into your projects and import the one from the Library, in order to get updated every time you make changes.

In order to see ALL your custom fields listed, you can visit this link iDO Tools - Improve Asana with our tools and automations by @Bastien_Siebman

Hope that was helpful to solve the issue.


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Hi again! Thanks for this. I don’t see anything in my Asana that looks like a Custom Fields Library. Is that something reserved for Admins? How do we access?

No, not just for admins. Here are a couple of ways to access it.

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