Forms: Allow removal of Name and Email fields

Same here. we are using this for our team members to request things from marketing. no need for email address.

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Joining this discussion. We use forms for our internal members, hence we do not require certain parts of the form. Please allow us to remove them.

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Agree. This is for internal team members who are well known and forcing them to type an email address is wasted effort.

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Ditto. Remove, hide, rename… I’ll take anything to get it off there.

I’ve created custom fields to contain the name of the requester, and at this point I’ll have to instruct users to input the data twice or to ignore the “Name” field. This is sloppy and a poor user experience for our clients when using these forms. I’m debating writing a custom form integration to work around this issue (time consuming, but better for users)

This is actually confusing our users because the workflow we have makes no sense to have a name. Please remove these as mandatory.

+1. Name/Email makes no sense for many workflows. The default can’t even be mapped to a custom field, which in my case means I have to ask for name twice!

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Piling on. It makes users and coworkers less likely to use the forms because the email is a strange field to ask for

Agree, pls allow removal of these 2 fields

Signed up for community just to +100 this request.