Form Issues and Suggestions

The biggest issues I have with forms is that the submitter doesn’t get the task link. How hard would that be to do on the conformation page? There is zero way for them to follow up on the task. They don’t even get added as a collaborator.

  1. Why can’t we do conditionals? Such as if they answer yes, then show another section.
  2. Why does the form ask you for your name and email when you are already logged in?
  3. Rules with forms would be nice. Before you say there are rules with task, I may want to apply a rule to a form that isn’t the same as a task created in that project.

Forms as well as templates need serious work please.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Getz_Pro. I was able to find exiting threads regarding the suggestions you have listed in this thread. I’m listing them below and I would encourage cast your vote and comment on each one.

I’m closing this thread to avoid duplications Richard. I hope it’s OK. Have a great weekend!

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