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We need IF/Then logic so the forms can be more dynamic. For example, we may want to hide 5 questions unless the user selects a specific item. This could be a check box, multi-select, or dropdown result. Basically something like:

IF Dropdown-X = “shoot” THEN show shoot/event panel

or if you aren’t going to employ panels or sections, then it could just be multiple IF/Then statements like:

IF Dropdown-X = “shoot” THEN show Q10
IF Dropdown-X = “shoot” THEN show Q11
IF Dropdown-X = “shoot” THEN show Q12
IF Dropdown-X = “shoot” THEN show Q13

Allow form branching/ skip/hide question like that which is available in Wufoo and MS Forms to Asana Forms.

I want our form submitters to see questions on the form specific to their responses to previous questions. They should be able to jump from one question to another in a form according to the responses to specific questions.

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Hi there,

I am loving the new automation rules on projects and wondered if this is soon going to be extended to forms? Ideally we would like to be able to design forms that are responsive to user input e.g. if a specific option is selected from a drop down in a form than additional information is requested.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Clare_Stone :wave: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread in the Forum regarding this topic so I’m merging your post with this main thread to avoid duplications and consolidate votes. I hope it’s OK :grinning:

Have a great Wednesday!

Thanks Natalia, happy to have this all consolidated :slightly_smiling_face:

Do we have any indication on whether or not this is on Asana’s road map? Would just like to inform our planning on whether we can use Asana in this way any time soon or do we need to find an alternative. Preferably we could just stick with Asana :crossed_fingers:

I don’t have any update to share at the moment @Clare_Stone but as soon as I do, I’ll make sure to share it here. :slight_smile:

Happy Thursday!

Hi @Natalia, do you have any updates to share regarding the implementation of logic within Asana forms? Thanks!

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