FORMS - Add tasks to section

I would love to see the ability to add all tasks created by forms to be added to a certain section in a project, since our projects are used for more than just housing the forms.

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Thanks so much for this great suggestion, I can absolutely see how this could be helpful!


I agree, this seems like a no-brainer. Any project with tasks added via Form should be able to categorize those incoming tasks automatically, i.e., a backlog or prioritization waitlist.

Has there been any progress on this?

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No, there hasn’t been any change to this forms functionality.

I did actually provide a couple of ways to accomplish this currently; see this post for details:

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Agreed! Can’t wait for this one!

Does anyone know if there has been any updates made or work-arounds discovered? It doesn’t seem so but I certainly could be missing something.

You can do this in two ways:

  • if you have a paid Business plan you can use Rules for this. You can base it on a custom field, or you can do it for all tasks
  • if you are not on a business plan, but are ok to pay a little you can try Flowsana, as it does a lot of things, not just this
  • you are not on a business plan, you are not ok to pay anything and you have a very small amount of tasks created with the form you can use Zapier. The Zap will be “New task created > Add Task to Section of Project”. This will work on all tasks.
  • if you are not on a business plan, you are ok to pay and want Zapier - in the paid plan you can use filters and routing to do different things with the tasks, depending on some parameter in the task that you can pull. For example now the name of the task can include multiple values from few fields in the form and they are separated via “,”. You can use the comma as a separator and search for terms to route the task to the right section.

There is no other way that I know of and Asana will not fix it since

  • they want you in the business tier
  • there is no way in forms to solve the issue what happens if the section is deleted. They need to build a second Rules functionality in forms, which will not happen for sure.