Create sections in Forms to better organise content

I would very much like to see section headings in forms so I can separate my form content.

Use Case: Requisition Intake Forms (new hire). Each section would have questions pertaining to that section. I know this seems obvious, but it isn’t part of the current form.
Job Details
Ideal Candidate Profile

Provide similar markup as you do to the new Overview section.

Hi @Getz_Pro and thanks for the feedback + use case! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’m merging your post with this existing topic! I’ll keep you posted once I have an update on my end!

@Marie why was this moved? This is NOT at ALL like the other? I don’t want sections within a task/project, I want sections within the FORM itself.

By adding Sections into your form, are you not looking to have these tasks landing in the said section in your project @Getz_Pro ?

If we were to implement sections in forms it would most likely behave this way!

@Marie Not at all. Just to separate content within the form for better visual clarity as to which sections people are filling things out in. As the example given. I just want the ability to add a Header into the flow to separate content.

Asana forms are good, but NOT pretty. :slight_smile:

Job Requirements

  • description
  • pay
  • contract or perm
  • new role or existing

Candidate Information

  • qualifications
  • education
  • skills

Each of the bullets are questions using the widgets to the right. So I want a widget that is for Header. These are visual queues for the person filling out the form. If they drop into the description of the task matters not to me.

Got you @Getz_Pro, thanks for the additional context - I moved your post to a separate thread!

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I agree this would be very useful as the forms aren’t pretty. We created a heavily branched form and while the questions flowed, they should have been in sections to make it easier on the user filling out the form and creating a better UX for them. The functionality in project overview/brief and even status updates would do well here with forms. If this code could be repurposed here for Forms, that would be great!

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