Form Static Fields?

Is there a way to put static text on a form in line with question blocks?

I’m envisioning a ‘question’ type that doesn’t ask a question but displays text.

A use case: In a branch, I’d like to display something like "The following questions will let you tell us more about

Hello @Chuck_Fitzpatrick,

so for question types you can add a question description Forms • Asana Product Guide

Not sure if I got it right and this is what you are looking for?

Thanks, but not exactly what I am looking for.

What I want is to put a “heading” at the top of a few questions so that the user knows why we are asking that block of questions.

I’ll try an example and hope I can be clearer (but no promises!)

Question 1: Is this an internal or external request?
O Internal
O External

For internal projects, we require the name of your manager, your manager’s ID number, and approval code. < this is the text I want to display - it isn’t a question

Manager’s Name:
Manager’s ID:
Approval Code:

For external projects, we require the name of your first grade teacher. < this is the text I want to display - it isn’t a question

First Grade teacher’s Name:

I hope that helps.

Ah okay thanks for the detailed explanation @Chuck_Fitzpatrick I understand now, it‘s like sections you also have on google forms for example.

I have found this feedback request thread that might seem to fit?

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