Add Textual Help/Instruction-Only Question in an Asana Form [Hack!]

It’s clear that one can add overall form help at the top of a form using the Form Description.

And in every question, there’s a Help Description to provide an explanation of that question.

But there’s no question type to drag into your form simply to provide some text without actually asking a question.

Why would you need that? Perhaps to designate a new section of a form, to provide instructions for the next set of questions in a form branch, or to use at the end of a branch to direct the user somewhere else, like to see another web page, fill out a more appropriate form, etc.

The solution? A hack! Add a multi-select question type, but don’t add any options to it as you customarily would for a multi-select. You can now use the Question Title and Question Description fields for your text, and that’s all that Asana will show in your form when presented. And any http[s]://… links will be clickable.

The last question in this form demonstrates the text-only question hack:

Full credit for this goes to Forum Leader @Christine_Bolton who came up with it (I’m just writing it up more formally).



Useful, thanks!


Thanks for the shout out @lpb!

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I love hacks / tips like this so that I can continue to help my team and other teams see use Asana forms like the other form services they use.
I’ll likely use this to add context for “grouping” questions.
Thanks for the tip! :raised_hands:

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Wonderful. I will be using this hack. Thank you.

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