Asana Forms with more than 30 responses cannot be stored in fields

Hello All,

My company is looking to re-create our 60-question Jotform using Asana form so we can have one system doing all the data collection, which makes it easier to flow the data into our cloud database, such as Snowflake. The goal is to create the task using an Asana form and records all the responses in one task.

Due to the 30 custom field limitation, I can only match 30 questions to the corresponding field. The rest of the responses are recorded together in the description section, thus making it extremely difficult to extract & export. Multi-homing a task will allow 60 custom fields, but multi-homing can only occur after the task is already created, not before.

Does anyone run into similar issues? If so, is there any workaround?

I run into the same 30 fields limitation with Jotform - Asana integration, as I need to match each jotform response with a corresponding Asana field, otherwise the data will not flow through.

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Yes currently there is a limit of 30 custom fields within a single project. You can read more about other limitations here: 🔢 List of technical and data limitations in Asana

The only solution I can think of right now to overcome the multihoming would be splitting the form into two. Basically when half is filled the link to the new form pops up for people to fill. You can hyperlink the other link like this for example.

You could then work with rules to multihome tasks automatically, because due to the max custom fields per project limit you would run into the same issue otherwise.