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I’ve asked in the past, and I’m not sure if we’re any where closer to a solution, but is there any way we can have more control over our form’s output into Asana’s main tasks? These look absolutely brutal and most of the time we have to spend more time than we’d like trying to reformat everything for our production team.

Hi @Nick_Cachiaras , is there a reason for not connecting your form’s questions to custom fields? It seems most answers could be mapped to a text type custom field or single-select fields, as well as connecting to the due date for ‘Desired in hands date’.

Connecting (almost all) questions to custom fields would help with formatting all values within the task details so that you could eventually switch off the ‘copy form reaponse into description’ and instead dedicate the description part for just ‘Details or specifications’ from your form.

It seems your form is coming in as a subtask (?!) and thus not inheriting the fields of the main project, as per your screenshot on the right. I understand this is what you are manually transferring, right?

Note, the current limit of custom fields within a project is 30, despite that the limit for questions within a form is much higher.

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