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My name is Hannah Lee and I’m a Product Marketer here at Asana. I’m so excited to share a few new product updates around ways to make the process of structuring and taking action on your workflows that much easier.

How work is planned and structured is fundamental in making sure that work flows optimally and continuously in the right direction - setting you and your team up for maximum coordination and collaboration!

Examples of actions taking place during this work/workflow planning phase might include intaking requests, aggregating data, prioritization, triaging, etc.

Let’s dive into a few recent and upcoming updates featuring App Intake in Workflow Builder, Updated Form Sharing Experience, Form Submission as a Trigger Type, and Form Submitters in the Loop that can ground you in that foundational work planning phase.

App Intake in Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder empowers you to visualize and build powerful automated workflows (no code required!), enabling cross-team flow from start to smooth finish.

We know that work rarely takes place in a vacuum, and it can be quite challenging to connect all the work that’s happening across multiple tools, processes, and people. With Asana, teams will be able to seamlessly coordinate workflows regardless of the many moving pieces.

With App Intake in Workflow Builder you can quickly and easily add tasks by plugging into your workflow from other tools and apps like Slack, Zendesk, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, etc. What if daily/weekly/monthly tasks and strategic initiatives across teams and the organization were all coordinated under one roof? To briefly illustrate, by connecting your daily apps like Slack or Zendesk (the list goes on!) into your workflow in Asana, you can receive instant notifications in Slack when projects are updated, or ensure that the Zendesk tickets / customer requests are tracked in Asana and successfully (and quickly) resolved.

Hooray for peace of mind and cross-functional effectiveness! :tada:

In addition to streamlining tasks to your project from various other apps, incoming work can quickly be added to your workflow in a structured and standardized method through Forms.

Form Submitters in the Loop

With Form Submitters in the Loop - once the Form share or access settings are set to Organization-only - you’ll be able to effortlessly & automatically add your colleagues and fellow organizational members into the task. This will drive real-time visibility on the status and progress of the form submission, further reducing any work about work.

Visibility into the status of form submissions for fellow members of the organization will help drive a more connected workflow experience in Asana, as the trusted central hub for work intake and ongoing source of truth.

Updated Form Sharing Experience

Quickly adjust the privacy settings of your Forms as needed.

With the Updated Form Sharing Experience, simply select or update who can access the Form (Anyone or Organization Only), and drive both team-wide and organization-wide standardization as well as clarity around the intake process.

Form Submission as a Trigger Type

With Form Submission as a Trigger Type, form submissions will be able to automatically trigger the next stage of the workflow, making sure that work flows in the right direction. Quickly combine forms and rules to trigger that seamless and connected workflow experience so that you’re able to spend and enjoy more time in focus and flow - say goodbye to manual triaging!

Please share in the comments below which workflow, intake features, or combination that you’re most excited about using. We truly hope you’re as delighted as we are and feel empowered to continuously build, automate, and iterate on powerful workflows that can drive positive business outcomes.


Great updates!


Form submitters in the loop! :partying_face:


Will this allow folks without Asana accounts to be kept up to date?

Very excied about the form submission as a trigger. :sparkles:

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Thanks so much for the question! Currently for the Form Submitters in the Loop feature, folks without Asana accounts cannot automatically be added to the task (form submission). This is definitely functionality we’re working towards - any feedback and thoughts you have for us in the meantime is always greatly appreciated :+1:

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Hooray! :tada:

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Will this be available on Premium, or only Business or above? Thank you.
UPDATE: I’m mostly interested in Submitters in the loop feature but also others :smile:

Has the Form Submitters in the Loop feature been rolled out to all business users? I have been checking daily for this feature and it is not showing up for me. The form is set to “organization only”.

The launch of that feature got a little bit delayed. My understanding is Asana is hoping to start rolling it out later this month.


Thank you Phil!

Hi @Justin_Hendricksen, we plan to have this feature rolled out to all users by the end of this month :slight_smile:


hi there! Form Submitters in the Loop will be available on premium :+1: