How do I make a rules to control the request forms

I made a video to show what I am trying to do. I basically want to assign a rule to my request form so that new requests just dont go into Ideas lane they go into Priority lane.


Hi @Drew_Norman,

You have a couple of options.

First, there’s no way to accomplish what you want just in the Form capabilities; it requires the use of rules, as I think you already understand.

My response will be different depending on the answer to the following questions:

  1. Do you enter ALL new tasks into this project via the form, and thus a rule could apply to all tasks added to the project; or only SOME new tasks, and thus a rule would have to only apply to tasks being added via the form, not all new tasks in the project?

  2. Are you open to the possibility of using my Flowsana integration, which will give you some additional options over just native Asana? (If not, no sweat, I just won’t include those options in my response!)

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We plan on using forms for all new tasks. We are open to adding integrations if they are included in our plan. We also want the ability to assign to a person inside the form as well. I wasnt sure if that was possible. Also I know we are trying to avoud emails but once the task has been assigned to a person and submitted via the form will that person get a email or a slack message?

Hi @Drew_Norman,

Sorry, two more clarifying questions:

  1. You’re on Asana’s Premium subscription level, correct?

  2. Do you have a question on the form which maps to an Asana drop-down-list custom field, and if so, how many possible values are there for that custom field?

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Hey Phil,

Yes we are Premium customers. I wasnt sure how those custom fields worked so no I started on for Priorities but realized there was already a pre-built Priority widget so we just used that.

Is there a way to assign a person to a task when you are submitting a form?

Before I get to discussing your requests, one note: you said

I’m not 100% sure of your meaning here but I think you mean “if it’s included in the cost of our Asana subscription plan”. Flowsana is independent of Asana and as such is a separate-cost subscription, so that might rule (no pun intended) it out for you; but I’ll mention it anyway below since it’s potentially part of solutions to your requests.

OK, so I think you have two requests:

  1. Have form submissions get filed into the Priority section.
  2. Assign a person to the incoming form-based task.

In terms of 1. Have form submissions go into the Priority section.

What you need to accomplish that is a rule with a rule action that says “put this task into the Priority column/section”.

(Asana’s term for what you called a “lane” is a “column/section”.)

The question then is, what can you create as a rule trigger that would execute that rule action?

This means that the easiest trigger would be “When a new task is created in the project”.

Unfortunately, that trigger is not available at the Asana Premium subscription level that you’re at, only at the Asana Business subscription level. So your two options for getting availability of such a trigger are (a) upgrading to Asana Business or (b) subscribing to Flowsana, whose rules are available to all Asana subscription levels, and which also has such a trigger. With either Asana Business or Flowsana, you could create a rule of “when a new task is added to the project, move it to the Priority column/section” - request met!

Now, there is a way you could accomplish it via the Asana Premium subscription level, but it’s a bit more complicated than the above. Asana Premium doesn’t let you create custom rules, but it does have a limited set of pre-built rules. One of those is “When a custom field value changes to [certain value], move the task to a column/section”.

You could use this rule in conjunction with the Priority field you mentioned, assuming you include that field a a question on your form, which you indicated that you had done (while that Priority field was created by Asana for you, it’s a custom field just like any other drop-down-list custom field).

The only thing that makes this approach a bit messier is that you’ll need the create a rule for every value of the custom field - in the case of the built-in Priority field, that would be 4 rules. In other words, you’d need to add these 4 rules:

  • When the value of the Priority field changes to High, move the task to the Priority column/section.
  • When the value of the Priority field changes to Medium, move the task to the Priority column/section.
  • When the value of the Priority field changes to Low, move the task to the Priority column/section.
  • When the value of the Priority field changes to ----, move the task to the Priority column/section.

So no matter what value the form submitter chooses for the Priority field, it won’t matter - in each case, a rule will fire that will put the form’s task into your desired column/section. Request met!

This approach is a bit messier in that you need 4 rules instead of just the 1 rule you’d need with “when a new task is added to the project, move it to the Priority column/section”. But the big difference is you could use the 4-rule approach with your current Asana Premium subscription level.

OK, in terms of your other request: 2. Assign a person to the incoming form-based task.

The answer here depends on whether you’re wanting to always assign the task to the same user, or you want the assignee to be selected from a field on the form.

Unfortunately in either case, it can’t be accomplished at your current Premium subscription level.

If you want to always assign the task to the same user, that capability is available in both Asana’s Business subscription level and in Flowsana (as part of its Forms Support feature).

If you want the assignee to come from a value in a form field (i.e. question), that capability isn’t available at all in native Asana, but is available in Flowsana as part of its Forms Support feature. (You can read more about Flowsana’s Forms Support here.)

You did also ask

Yes, email notifications to the assignee of a task are available in Asana, dependent on how that user has configured their notifications. You can read more about that here.


Thanks Phil now I know why they call you a Champion. I think my manager was just able to shift the priority lane to the first column so new requests go into that “Lane”. So I think we are good for now. Thank you. a few of my colleagues really like Airtable.

Yep you are right @Drew_Norman. @Phil_Seeman wears the champion tag for a very good reason…



Thanks, guys, much appreciated!

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