Change Number Format in Forms

We are using forms for standardization of our intake process. Is there a way to change the number format on the form itself? For example, we are trying to enter $100,000 but it can only be entered as 100000 right now. Is there a way to fix this? We know if we link it to a custom field the format will be correct after it is submitted, but we would like this fixed to avoid human error when inputting.


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Jake_Ritter! As it stands, the Number field in forms only allows you to add numbers and it doesn’t show the currency when submitting the form. However, the currency will appear in the task. As a workaround, you can try creating a dropdown question so users only submit the correct amounts. There are also some good tips for forms here: 10 things I learned about Forms :slight_smile: Hopefully we can implement this in the future!