Add forms to portfolios to generate projects

Hi guys,

We’re trying to move a lot of our work up one level - and using portfolios more often (so projects and tasks replace tasks and subtasks as our core building blocks). There are a number of reasons for this - and it’s already working really well for us.

However, as a client-focused company, there is one major roadblock ATM; forms. Our clients love using forms to request work, but we want these forms to create projects in a portfolio, rather than a task in a project we need to then manually turn into a project. We have workarounds - but with there already being project templates, we would love to see this connected to portfolio forms to automate a lot of the project onboarding we need.

Hope that makes sense - happy to discuss or entertain other ways to achieve the above. I suspect the similarity between projects ‘customise’ options and portfolio ‘customise’ options that more support within portfolios is on the map - would be great to know more. Thanks!

You can do this with a rule, because there is now an action to convert a task into a project. Did you know?

So in my opinion the current workaround is quite easy to use, I wouldn’t bet on forms being able to create projects directly (this is only my personal opinion though).

Have a good day.