Form button on project main view

We’re using forms to allow staff members to submit marketing requests. I’ve got a Project called Marketing Requests, with a form called Submit a Marketing Request. I’d like a button on the Project main view where they can click to submit the form.

I also am open to hearing where this form (or ones like it, internal IT requests, for example) lives for other users with a similar situation to mine.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Welcome, @Todd_Wackerman,

I’ve moved this thread (and retitled for clarity) where you can click the title to scroll to the top and vote by clicking the purple Vote button.

You could add a prominent task: “Use this form to make submissions to this project” and in the description include a vanity link to the form. Or the same in the Project overview description.

Other available alternatives for now: a user can star forms, and there’s a Forms widget in Home.

Note that your suggestion is possible, but since a project can have multiple forms, the implementation would need to accommodate that, or the option to configure if/which form should appear.



Right on

Thanks Larry. I thought about using a prominent task, and can, but it feels like a clunky solution.

Another fix could be that it’s an option in +Create, “form response” and it opens to allow you to begin typing a phrase then autofills, similar to how it autofills a team member’s name. So if my teammate begins typing “req” it’ll give them the options for the forms we’ve made that match that that, ie “Submit a Marketing Request” and “Submit an IT Request”, etc.

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Other available alternatives for now: a user can star forms and there’s a Forms widget in Home.

Oh fantastic, both of those are much more elegant solutions. We don’t use star for anything, so I can just instruct the team to do that. Thanks Larry, this solves my problem.

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