Customising where submitted forms appear in the project

In my company we allow teams to create their specific project boards. I would like to introduce the use of forms for specific task requests. I noticed that when someone creates a submission this new task falls under the first section in the project list. What if the leads want the submissions to be under a specific section in the project - is there a way to customize it?

Hi @CindyMolina and welcome to the forum!

One way to accomplish that is via rules. If you’re able to distinguish between the sections via some value on a form question that you map to a custom field, then a rule can help here.

For example, say you have a question, “Request Type”, mapped to a custom field of the same name, with values of “Marketing Request” and “Tech Support Issue”.

You could then create a rule of “If Request Type is changed to a value of ‘Marketing Request’, move it to the ‘Marketing’ section”; and make a similar rule for Tech Support Issues.


Will try that. Thanks a lot!