Add a way to differentiate form request between all forms in Rules

With the new feature of allowing multiple forms to one project, its been really helpful to delve deeper into each form and creating a simpler user experience. But the issue that I am facing now is not being able to categorize easily using custom fields when forms come in as I could with branching.

Each form serves a very different purpose but are all tracked in one project as it belongs to one department. When forms are submitted and tasks show up in the project, I’d like each form’s task to have a custom field assigned to it so that I can use rules to sort them out easily.

Do you believe we could rename the thread “Add a way to differentiate form request between all forms in Rules” or something less specific like yours?

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Until/if Asana addresses this request, here’s a workaround you can use now (Business and Enterprise plans):

Have a look at:

If you add a single-select custom field to your project for each form, and have each field only have one option value (:heavy_check_mark:), then add a required single-select custom field to each form tied to the corresponding form’s custom field, you’ll get a designator for each task to tell (in a little bit of a clunky way) which form submitted it.

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FYI another solution using our Flowsana integration is to create a custom field to identify which form it is and then build this Flowsana rule:

“If a task’s description contains the word or phrase [the name of the form], then set the custom field [the field you created] to a value of [whatever value uniquely identifies the form]”.

This works because Flowsana has a rule trigger condition for “if description contains the word or phrase”, and Asana always puts the name of the form at the bottom of the task description.


i do have flowsana so i’ll go ahead and use this method. thanks phil!