Splitting form answers into different sections depending on the form selected in the form.

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I have created a new project for the Supply team and added a form to it for our ad-hoc request, the form splits into 4 different branches from the get-go depending on what task they require from the Supply team. Each task populates perfectly, I went ahead and created 4 sections now, how do I create a rule to send the task to the different sections depending on the branch that they selected.

I noticed Asana replied to someone else’s question on this but the wrong answer was given.

To make it short. My form has 4 branches, I need each branch to go to a different section in the same project instead of me having to go change this manually for each new task submitted.

Hope we can now have an answer as the original topic was posted a month ago.

Here is the original request posted last year, but the info given was not resolved with the right answer: Specify Section in form

Welcome, @Wesley_Groenewald,

You should add, if you don’t have it already, a single-select custom field (say, “Task Type”) that the branch question maps to.

You could then sort (group, actually) your project by Task Type, save that as the default, and do away with your sections and you’ll have the groupings.

If you want the sections, still add the custom field as above, skip the sorting, but add four rules (one for each value of Task Type) each with two triggers (click the + sign under the first trigger to add the second): 1) Task added to project, and 2) Custom field changed. Make the action move the task to the appropriate section.

I’m not sure what the other post was that you’re referring to but I believe the above is all you need.

(You’re on the required Business or Enterprise plan already due to your use of form branching so you should be set there, but mentioning this for the benefit of others reading.)




You’r a pro. Thank you! I had to put a few more steps but it was easy to get to it once I was able to add 4 Task types, then send them each to a different section. Tried to submit my form 4 times and each topic I selected went to the right section!

You are a PRO!

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Thanks, @Wesley_Groenewald! I updated my post to indicate that four similar rules are needed as you realized.


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