I have a calling: make work fun… Is it needed?

After 10 years of hard work, I am where I was dreaming of being. Our Asana consulting agency is thriving, we have a great reputation, and an amazing team.

So what now? what’s the next step?

I took a step back, and I feel like I have a calling: make work fun.

With Asana, we are already making work easier, and “funnier” in a way. But what if we could teach how to use Asana in a fun way? What if we can make each client session a great moment to remember? Is there anything to “invent” to make it all sexy and enjoyable?

I am working on different things at the moment:

  1. create fun content, for example we recently recorded a quizz game around Asana
  2. imagine the “training of the future”, where a sad YouTube collection of training videos turns into a real experience with interviews, games…
  3. draft the very first comedy sketch about Asana: it is ready, I just need to record it

Two things might get in the way:

  1. some people don’t think fun should be part of work, and work should be serious
  2. am I fun? if not, I will definitely fail!



One other potential gotcha I would add on the comedy portion: not being cognizant enough of cultural differences. Humor lives differently in different cultures; successful comedians realize this and take it into account. Here’s a good article I came across on the subject: Culture Shocks: Humour across cultures | LEAP


Good point, thanks!

I know some of my colleagues intend to make an Asana training in the form of a collaborative game.

Perhaps a collaboration could be win-win?


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Great post @Bastien_Siebman – I’ve been working with my team to ALSO make work more fun (not necessarily using Asana, but in other ways.) As for humor in the workplace I’m reading “Humor, Seriously: Why Humor is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life” – it’s a great read, has a lot of good evidence of the importance of humor in the workplace, and the book is itself pretty funny. @Phil_Seeman makes a very good point though – humor lands differently for different people and cultures. That’s a topic discussed in depth in the book I mention. Here’s to having MORE FUN!