Work with an executive assistant

Asana is an amazing tool to work with an assistant. At iDO, we work with Julie as an executive assistant. And we hired Constance and Rida to assist with IT developments.

Each one has a project, like “Julie x iDO” into which we store:

  • Documents we exchanged (like NDA, contract)
  • Missions we expect from them with instructions
  • Time spent, one task for each piece of work and how long it took, grouped into sections, one section per bundle we purchased from them. We use the section sum to know how much time remains for a specific bundle.

And anywhere in Asana, we can assign tasks to them, knowing they have our back! It feels amazing, and really streamlined our processes.

Anyone else hired an assistant to help within Asana?


I am my own assistant :grin: but I do have separate projects that are private to myself that specify what area I need to work on during the day. One such project relates to what an executive assistant would be doing. It’s a great process and would be super easy to transition to another person.

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I am the executive assistant (though I’m not sure my boss quite realizes it. :joy:) He hired me to take on the office, and Asana and become the “expert” for our company, and develop the “systems and processes” needed to organize and facilitate our operations. Asana is kind of my baby, but I don’t think even he fully understands what he wants me to do with it. So I’m pretty much winging it , starting from scratch creating my own job and figuring out what “systems and processes” we even need. We are a construction/development company and use Asana for organizational and actual physical construction projects. It’s been interesting for sure, and for the most part Asana is heading us toward more effective structure and organization. (Now if only I could get my boss to use due dates!) :thinking:

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Good luck @Mikayla_Santiago , we are here to help :slight_smile:

Thanks @Bastien_Siebman, I’ll need it!:joy:

Joke aside, don’t hesitate to ask for help, my job is to help clients deploy Asana :muscle:

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I have an EA starting Monday of next week. I found this thread as I was looking for the best practices to “pass” existing tasks to her and create new projects for her but still keep oversight on progress myself and also how to do it in a way that if she ever transitions away that I can easily move those tasks she owned back to me or someone new. Any thoughts?

In our case our VA gets assigned on tasks, and we look at her My Tasks when needed. We requested access to the My Tasks to see the sections, we actually created the sections ourselves based on priority. Does this help?

With another VA, we created in addition a project for him with a “duration” custom field and we him/her based on time spent.