Can I manage & organize my boss' Asana? (remotely)

Hi folks,

My boss recently asked me if there’s a way for me to actually help him stay organized and manage his Asana on a weekly basis. My first thought was - sure! But also, what if he has info in there that I am not privy to? I wouldn’t want to stumble across something about myself - one concern. But that aside, is there a way to manage your boss’ Asana or help them organize it? I’m the Executive Asst for the company, and also the HR person. Any advice is welcome!

thank you!

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You can help him a lot - but perhaps not 100%. I see two major ways of doing this:

  1. the Asana-recommended way - he allows you to edit My Tasks (by Sharing it). You will not see all his tasks - only those he adds to a Project you have access to, or makes you a Collaborator on.

  2. my suggestion - create a Project called “Boss’s Tasks”, where you are also a member, and also help him create and save a report he can view frequently, that searches for tasks assigned to him that AREN’T in “Boss’s Tasks”. He then would need to add them. (He can avoid adding any task related to you.)

Both require some help from him. Good luck!

(BUT: The actual work of setting up and using Asana is not hard per se. The thing that may make it time-consuming is all the thinking, connecting the dots, prioritizing etc. that goes along with this. If you can do that for him, this may work - otherwise, I fear any tasks in Asana will become obsolete shortly.)


Hey @Christina_Galloway, I agree with @Stephanie_Oberg’ suggestion. That would probably work out best.
It really depends on what he allows you to get access to or what not.

I mean at the company I work with the CEO has somebody working by his side to also clean his Asana, meaning they would login to his account and check the inbox to also remove him from unnecessary updates he is getting and disable notifications for projects he won’t need updates for and then the CEO checks the clean inbox :smiley: Now saying that the person doing the cleaning would need to have a good overview on what the CEO has to respond to and what not.

Point 2 outlined by Christina works well too but I’d say depends on the work volume. At our company we have a few boards for the CEO to split it into various categories such as health related, project xxx related, project xxx related.

All in all my recommendation is start somewhere to organize and then see how it goes as most likely changes will be required along the way :wink:

Oh and it also depends how much he actually will/wants to use Asana to see how much involvement from your end is required.

A nice tool on Asana mobile (iOS) is that he can submit tasks via voicemsg and they would be transcribed automatically. This could work well if he is on the go and just wants to submit some tasks. And you could then organize and tag them accordingly.

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One of the core problems, I also face is this, how do I manage my own Boss. And I love the idea of making tasks in Project / Tags under the name “Boss’s Tasks”.

Also, Create a Follow up Task is a nice feature, which could be used, if your boss is on Asana, and you need to constantly follow up with. This feature works Horizontally as well as vertically, provided the person is on ASANA.

Read more about Follow up Tasks @ Task actions: create, move, duplicate, and more | Product guide • Asana