Introducing Asana Experts : gathering all Asana’s talents in one place

Hello everyone !

@Bastien_Siebman and I are officially launching a new platform designed to help you find Asana experts. It has been developed as part of Bastien’s Asana micro incubator.

Whether you are looking for an Asana official consultant, a virtual assistant working with Asana, a talented developer familiar with Asana’s API or any other person who can provide help on Asana, head to

We are still improving it and our public roadmap is available here. We also welcome your suggestions !

If you are interested in learning more about how we created this platform, read this post!

Please let us know your feedback and we hope this will help you finding people who can match your needs regarding Asana !


No San Francisco or Silicon Valley located people??? #Whack

See @Todd_Cavanaugh, all the more reason for you to move back!!! :slight_smile:

@Sam_Leahey I know, I know. I miss SF—especially this time of year! :sunny: :sunglasses:

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Not yet, you know anyone?

I do not! But if someone wants to train me to be that guy I will! :slight_smile:

This is also a good opportunity for you @Bastien_Siebman to help me peer pressure Todd into moving back back :wink:

Hi Paul, just sent you a direct message. I’m an Asana consultant based in San Francisco. -Ken


@Sam_Leahey I am sure @Todd_Cavanaugh can train you! @ClientCentric great to have you onboard!


See that @Bastien_Siebman! I literally just pulled more peep’s out of the woodworks for ya. I want 10% when this thing gets acquired :wink:

For now, you can get a free ebook if you want :stuck_out_tongue: and discuss the 10% around a beer when I couch surf at your place while visiting Asana one day :beer:


#Deal! :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for a consultant. We’ve been using Asana at our church for about 12 staff. We’re using it for everything from our annual plan to managing an editorial calendar and production etc. We’re not project management experts and we’ve probably done all kinds of crazy things so I’d lie someone to look at what we’ve done and make recommendations for improvement. I’d also like some help on Instagannt and Zapier. (Not sure this is the place to post this request.)

This is a great place for this (Asana Experts actually was created for this kind of need). If you want the combo Asana+Zapier, then @paulminors is your man. You can also talk to @Sebastian_Paasch, @Todd_Cavanaugh or @Amy_Mitchell . About Instagantt, maybe the founder @danielguajardok can recommend someone.

Hi @Joe_Hartley, nice to meet you. I’m actually helping train a large church staff right now! It’s a fantastic tool for the workflows churches deal with on a weekly and ongoing basis.

I’d be happy to help. I founded and I train and consult companies full-time on Asana. (I also provide discounts to nonprofits) I’m based out of upstate NY.

Feel free to send me more info about what you’re looking for and I’ll be in touch!

BTW I do a lot of work with both Instagantt and especially Zapier.

Guys, if you happen to have a great workflow set up, don’t hesitate to circle back and suggest the template for Templana :stuck_out_tongue: we already have a church management template but you can improve it.

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I have learned ASANA by working on it day in and day out. Planned my work items, brought some different teams on ASANA and provided them trainings.
I have made a presentation about ASANA on Google docs. Would appreciate if you could have a look and let me know if I have delivered it properly.

May I hire an Asana expert on an as-needed basis as we work out glitches in our Asana work flow processes?

Welcome, @Campbell_Douglass,

Yes! This is exactly what I do. Please have a look at:

and feel free to contact me at Contact Trilogi.

You can find (me and) other experts at



PS This is a very old thread and I don’t think the Asana Experts site is up any longer.

The site is definitely not up anymore. Larry is a good choice, I can also help.

@Paul_Mayer I completely forgot we created this listing together!!!

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