Join us Thursday, 10/26 at 10:00 AM PST for an hour long Introduction to the Asana Platform webinar!

Want to learn how to get the most out of Asana?

Join Jeff and Matt from our developer relations team on October 26th for a training session on how to use Asana’s automation and integration platform. We’ll cover the basics of getting started with the platform, explore a few Asana integrations, and demonstrate how to create custom workflows with our API.

Sign up for the webinar here. If you can’t make the live event, you can still register to receive the recording!

See you there!


Arg not available sadly :frowning:

Oh la la @Matt_Bramlage! This is great. Will you have time to answer questions?

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@Diakoptis Yep, we’re planning on reserving time at the end for some Q and A.

Hiii! I was so excited to see this webinar get emailed to me the other week and I just want to say without elaborating cause I don’t have much time - that it was GREAT! I’m really enthused by it and I hope that there are more to come. I asked a lot of questions and felt like a noob, but the hosts were great - thanks Matt and Jeff!

I’ll be posting a thread in the section soon so I can source some help with this stuff, I realized I don’;t have to do it all on my own - there are lots here who can help! =)