🚀 Asana Brain Challenge

Hello everyone! :wave:

Who am I?

I’m Arthur, Forum Leader and Asana Expert at iDO.

Having been familiar with the forum for a few years, it’s only been a year since I became a Forum Leader. It’s been an incredible journey with this amazing community of Asana enthusiasts who are always supportive and kind to each other. Spending 30 minutes a day on the forum is one of the highlights of my day, and I genuinely miss it on my busiest workdays.

The Challenge:

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to a very random Asana Quiz! It’s a mixed bag of Asana-related questions designed to stimulate your brain. This quiz is not just for beginners to learn, but also for experts to battle it out to see who is the ultimate Asana connoisseur.

The link: Click here to start the quiz

Or scan the QR code:

Where to see the results:

For those who opt for the “ranked” mode, I’ll be posting the results regularly in the thread.

Ever thought about using an Asana form for a quiz?

Well, I did! I’ve explored how we can optimize Asana forms for this purpose, incorporating scoring through rules and showcasing results on a dashboard. If you have any other creative ideas with Asana forms, feel free to share them in the comments. I am a big fan of Asana forms and even wrote a few Forum articles about the forms capabilities: (#1, #2, #3)

Good luck to all participants, and a Merry Christmas!



Beautifully crafted quiz, @Arthur_BEGOU - you got some pretty good head-scratchers there :sweat_smile:

I also like how you display the answers at the end, very clever!
But as I reviewed the answers, are you sure about the answers to Q2 and Q5? :thinking:


Great quiz Arthur, thanks for testing our knowledge!! I got 2 and 5 wrong as well :joy:


I definitely got a few wrong :sweat_smile:


Stupendous quiz, @Arthur_BEGOU! Lots of guesses but I mostly got lucky.

My head hurts!!!




Nice quiz @Arthur_BEGOU! Some very tough questions indeed


Thanks all for participating: 57 submissions so far (including 25 braved “ranked” competitors) :blue_heart:


Thanks to feedback from @Richard_Sather and @Bryan_TeamKickstart, I realized I was wrong on 2 answers.

If you already passed the Challenge, click here to see 2 corrections

#2: B
“Guests can’t use this feature as they don’t have the company domain associated with the Asana account.”
=> Sorry, that is incorrect, guests CAN use this feature

#5: A
“Comment-only members can’t access the Gantt view.”
=> It is now possible! It might have changed since we noticed this behavior, and that’s great :wink:

RANKING (10/12/2023)
The ranking takes in account the Erratum :wink:

Click here to see all ranking with details

✅ Click here to see all answers explained

:computer_mouse: #1: B
In Asana’s form editor, your form is saved automatically after each change. No need to click ‘save’ – Asana has you covered! :wink:

:e-mail: #2: A
Guests can use this feature

:no_entry_sign::heavy_plus_sign: #3: B
The recently introduced rule “create a task” is available.

:lock: #4: B
A comment-only member does not have the permissions to invite new members to a project. This action is reserved for members with full access.

:mute: #5: B
Yes, comment-only members can access the Gantt view

:+1: #6: A
When someone likes a comment in Asana, the author of the comment is notified, regardless of their status as a task collaborator.

:no_pedestrians: #7: A
Comment-only members can’t leave a project. This is expected behaviour.

:wastebasket: #8: B
Deleting a project in Asana does not automatically delete all its tasks. Incomplete and unassigned tasks will remain.

:jigsaw: #9: C
If you permanently delete a task with subtasks, any subtasks that are multi-homed to another project will not get deleted.

:link: #10: B
Asana’s CSV importer does support importing tasks with ‘blocking’ dependencies (only “blocked by”).

:date: #11: A & B
The best date format for importing via CSV in Asana is MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY. This format ensures that the dates are recognized correctly by Asana’s system.

If you are interested to see how I configured the Asana form to count the points, you can have a look there: Using Forms as a risk assessment - #2 by Arthur_BEGOU



Richard on top of the world.


Mostly lucky guesses… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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