Using Forms as a risk assessment

Hi @Megan_Doherty_UK-LDN

Yes. :grin:

Step 1: Create a form where answers are connected to a series of Custom Fields (Single Select or Multi Select): #Question 1, #Question 2…

Step 2: Create a matching series of Custom Field (Type = Number): #Points 1, #Points 2

Step 3: Create a series of rules to add a certain value to your fields #Number, each time the question to your #Question has a certain value

Step 4: Add a Formula Fied that is summing all the #Points fields

Step 5 (Outcome): View and Sort your Total score per participant, or create some dashboarding with it

Hope that was useful, please let me know

ps: follow the Advent Calendar of the Forum to see my quiz that is based in that use-case (it will be posted on Friday) :wink: