Easily create Charts in project Dashboard of data from submitted Forms (surveys)

In certain use cases, such as using a form for a survey, it would be great if a question in the form could be ‘mapped / associated’ to a chart in the dashboard of the project that the form belongs to.

Currently, if you want to visualise the data of your form’s answers, for each single-select or multi-select question, you need to manually create the chart that corresponds to that question in the project’s Dashboard tab, which can be quite time-consuming if you have many many questions.

The suggestion is for Asana to allow the possibility to automatically/easily create charts associated to a form’s question, similarly how Google Forms, or other similar apps provide this.

This could be done by either:

  • A. In the Form editor, adding a ‘Connect to chart’ button to each question that is connected to a custom field
  • B. In the Form settings, adding a ‘Add to Dashboard’ button to go through a pop up ‘wizard’ to select which questions to be added as charts, and what type of charts (Column, Donuts, Lollipop etc)
  • C. In the project’s Dashboard tab, adding a new ‘Add chart from form’ button that would take you through the aforementioned wizard…

Either of the above could also have the option to ‘sync’ the chart title to the question title, so if the question is renamed in the form, the associated chart title will also reflect that change automatically. The same could apply if a different custom field is reconnected to that form’s question; if so, it should sync the associated chart’s source (‘Group by’ or ‘X-axis’ value).

I feel this would be a great time saver and encourage the further use of Asana’s powerful forms feature instead of turning to other survey apps that do this out of the box.


Nice idea, @Richard_Sather. Don’t forget to add your vote!

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Whoops! :sweat_smile:

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