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Thanks to feedback from @Richard_Sather and @Bryan_TeamKickstart, I realized I was wrong on 2 answers.

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#2: B
“Guests can’t use this feature as they don’t have the company domain associated with the Asana account.”
=> Sorry, that is incorrect, guests CAN use this feature

#5: A
“Comment-only members can’t access the Gantt view.”
=> It is now possible! It might have changed since we noticed this behavior, and that’s great :wink:

RANKING (10/12/2023)
The ranking takes in account the Erratum :wink:

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:computer_mouse: #1: B
In Asana’s form editor, your form is saved automatically after each change. No need to click ‘save’ – Asana has you covered! :wink:

:e-mail: #2: A
Guests can use this feature

:no_entry_sign::heavy_plus_sign: #3: B
The recently introduced rule “create a task” is available.

:lock: #4: B
A comment-only member does not have the permissions to invite new members to a project. This action is reserved for members with full access.

:mute: #5: B
Yes, comment-only members can access the Gantt view

:+1: #6: A
When someone likes a comment in Asana, the author of the comment is notified, regardless of their status as a task collaborator.

:no_pedestrians: #7: A
Comment-only members can’t leave a project. This is expected behaviour.

:wastebasket: #8: B
Deleting a project in Asana does not automatically delete all its tasks. Incomplete and unassigned tasks will remain.

:jigsaw: #9: C
If you permanently delete a task with subtasks, any subtasks that are multi-homed to another project will not get deleted.

:link: #10: B
Asana’s CSV importer does support importing tasks with ‘blocking’ dependencies (only “blocked by”).

:date: #11: A & B
The best date format for importing via CSV in Asana is MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY. This format ensures that the dates are recognized correctly by Asana’s system.

If you are interested to see how I configured the Asana form to count the points, you can have a look there: Using Forms as a risk assessment - #2 by Arthur_BEGOU