Survey Results in Dashboards After Asana Form Submitted

Looking to see if anyone has leveraged asana forms for surveys and how to display an average for all survey results within Dashboards or Reporting. Currently leveraging microsoft forms and looking to transition internal surveys to Asana.

Want to solve for displaying average of each question for all surveys submitted and overall total. Also need to solve if there is a way to have number validation on form responses.


Hi @Trisha_Travis and thanks for that cool question :wave:

At iDO, this is what we came for to display the results of Satisfaction survey use-case

Option 1
You use a custom field for answers (connected to the question in your form) and in your dashboard you create a visualization of the results.

click to see screenshots


Option 2
You use a real number and you get an average

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(bonus) Create conditional questions based on the ratings

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This is not perfect, and I’m open to more ideas :wink:

When using a number field, is there a way to restrict the numbers respondents use. I’m looking for a 1-5 range only and it doesn’t appear there’s a way to restrict what number someone enters. Also, when you’re using the single select field using numbers, how do you get an average and count of how many responses?


Looking to see if anyone has any other ideas?

There isn’t unfortunately

You can’t get an average, but you can see the total number of answers and the split per answer (see screenshot for Option 1)

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