Use-cases with forms #2: Training / LMS

I’m experimenting Asana forms with different (and sometimes unique) shapes. :slightly_smiling_face:
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Use-cases with forms: #2 Training / LMS
Here, I’m now looking for an alternative to those (sometimes pricey) LMS tools (Learning Management System).
I imagined a series of training videos, each followed by a quiz to verify that the trainee would have followed the course. I voluntarily don’t display the answer right away (but only at the end), to put trainees in real conditions (their answers will be evaluated).

This is what it looks like


And the results in the project

Try it yourself: Training Module

:unicorn: Build it yourself:

  1. Prepare your resources: videos and questions.

  2. Add a custom field per question.


  1. Add description to each custom field (for later use, when reviewing the results)

  1. Create your form:

  1. Use “Single-Select” content form to add your videos and questions (Add question title, description with your video and question, and connect answers to your custom fields)

:technologist:To visualize the answers:

When users start responding to your form, this is how their answers would look like:

Additionally, you can use rules to indicate the correct answer to your respondent:

remark: to have your respondent automatically added as collaborator of the task, you need to check the following box in your form settings: “Add submitters in my organization as task collaborators”

  1. Create a rule per each question.

  2. Add a trigger per each wrong answer and select “when any of these triggers happen”


  1. Add Action: add a comment stating the correct answer.


Then, in the comments section, you will see the correction:


Finally, you can create dashboards to see quick reports about which question is the most challenging

Remarks / What could be improved

For the moment, I miss being able to count a total of points per respondent (and to define who fails or passes)…

If you have some idea, or feedback, please let me know in comment :wink:

:fr: Version Française


Great idea, you never stop innovating :heart:

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This is fantastic. Thank you for exploring this use-case!

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This is great!!

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Very cool :sunglasses: Nice to see what is possible with the tools we have.

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