Allow to stack multiple tasks in Timeline on a single line

Thank you @Marie and team Asana, great feature! :raised_hands:
We use timeline extensively in daily planning for many teams, it’s magically intuitive and easy to use. :star2:

Until this release, we have been able to minimize the height of the timeline view by horizontally stacking planned tasks, so that one task begins where the previous one ended, within the same section, on the same row.

This is not possible anymore, all tasks need to stack vertically. It messes up the overview and makes the timeline less versatile. In the following image, I show how 5 teams’ linear planning is now required to be visualized in 14 rows, instead of 5.

It seems like our timeline is currently not working as intended, at least in comparison to the screenshot in your original post here. This is a screenshot of how a task is currently displayed on our timeline.
Asana timeline dec 2022 icon spill over to previous day

Can it be causing the issue, locking the previous day, making us unable to stack tasks horizontally on one row?

I think most teams would prefer a vertically compact timeline by default.
This change is currently causing a visual mess and unnecessary scrolling without any option for us to even manually solve it with a workaround.

Thanks! :pray:


Hi @Marica_Hoeppner , @Megan_Ingalls, @Alex110 , @ValentinGJ, @Richard_Sather, @Austin_Crawford, @Matthias_Haldimann, @Alison6,

Asana doesn’t see the bug of the arrow interfering with horizontal stacking and has moved that to a separate topic under product feedback, please vote and share your perspective here on this topic.

Thanks :pray:


Original source and reporting of this bug:

Asanas designed and promoted solution where ▾ is placed within the start date:
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 08.44.28

Asanas released solution in production where ▾ is placed within the day before the start date:
Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 08.43.23

It’s not a Gantt chart anymore it’s a mess. The ▾ placement is a bug and needs to be fixed asap.

The end goal here is to get a good overview of the planning in the timeline, compact should be preferred as they all belong to the same section and you get a better overview.


I’d like to upvote this. Please put the arrow for subtasks on the bar of the task itself to re-enamble horizontal stacking.


Please get these arrows out of here or help me revert to an Asana version without them. I spent weeks developing a Marketing Calendar where everything aligns just perfectly so that stakeholders and third parties can view our calendar at a glance and this feature shuffles everything around. I can’t sort assets of the same type next to each other, they keep switching around and it is BEYOND frustrating. I also don’t need those who use this project at a glance to view every team member’s tasks and workflow in the sub-tasks. PLEASE fix this! :sob:


This arrow function hasn’t appeared in my Asana but looking at others’ comment, if it’s going to interfere with the timeline, please fix the bug first before releasing the feature.


I’m excited to try out subtasks in the timeline once I get the update! It’s still not available for me but I assume it will be soon.

This bug, however, is an app-breaking issue for many that could be fixed with a small UI tweak. +1 vote for prioritizing this fix!


Fix the bug today please! :mosquito: :scorpion: :cricket: :cockroach: :beetle:


Is this solved yet!?!
This is a critical issue for so many of our team members and hurts our customer relationships!
Please prioritise this bug and give us a solution that works.

If this is not possible shortly, then please revert to the Timeline version we had before this broken solution was launched.



So we are going into the weekend now and still no progress or communication about this bug :sob: I am screaming into the abyss :milky_way:

if I survive the weekend, I hope to see this solved on Monday? :crossed_fingers:

Please Santa if you could only give me one single gift! :santa:
I promise I won’t ask for anything ever again!


Hi @Gabriel_Cole,

This request hasn’t yet been prioritized, but I’m regularly reporting the feedback from this thread to our team and I will let you know here as soon as it is the case.


Marie thanks for your reply! :pray:
Ok I understand, what factors are needed to make a request prioritized?

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As an awaited feature, I have to agreed with the previous comment that we should be able to stack task in timeline without delaying it of 1 day.

Moreover, this feature is currently not usable for me and my team as the arrow is stuck at the first day . We have to scroll back to the beginning of the task to show subtask . From my point of view, it should simply follow the task’s name.

I hope Asana could fix this. :crossed_fingers:


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

After one of the recent updates, I can no longer stack my tasks next to each other if they have subtasks… This means that I can no longer have any new tasks begin right after a similar task finishes…

Steps to reproduce: grab any project with back-to-back tasks (with subtasks) and try to create a timeline view for them, it will ruin all of your deadlines. And force the tasks to spread out making it difficult to track similar themed tasks.

Browser version: Chrome

In the screenshot below I had my tasks organized nicely into three rows according to copywriting, graphic designing, and tech. Now they are spread out like crazy and I can’t even fix it, I have to either let them be spread out or butcher all the deadlines and confuse my team by having gaps in-between every single task.

Upload screenshots below:


We realised it as well yesterday, and someone from Asana is raising the issue. I hope it gets fixes.


Thanks for the report @Austin_kesler, we already have a thread on this topic, so merging your post with the main topic to gather all feedback in one place

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Please fix this bug! It makes timeline unusable for my team.


Bumping this thread as this seems pretty important to prioritize. Seems to be severely messing with a lot of people’s Gantt workflow in Asana. Hoping this gets resolved soon.


@Marie this remains a critical issue for our business as well. Echoing the same feedback as above.