Moving tasks in timeline view without moving the dates


When moving tasks vertically on the timeline they very easily shift around start / end date, sometimes you don’t even realize it.
Is there a way to easily move vertically the tasks while locking start / end date?

I have to do this a lot because we break down cross-functional projects into smaller asana projects per vertical (each functional team own their asana project and we can consolidate a high level view based on milestones and main phases). As we do so, we need to manually move tasks vertically on the timeline to create a condensed and legible view (versus 1 task a row).
This creates a lot of manual work but is also error prone.


I agree totally, this would be a great feature. As you note, most timelines need a lot of hand editing to be usable, so it would be great to avoid unintentional changes.

My current workaround is to simply keep a hawkeye on the dates of the selected task(s), and watch during my moves to make sure I don’t change the date.

I do the same but it takes SO long to be this careful.

Hi @Melanie_RM and @Stephanie_Oberg :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us! I can see how this functionality would improve your Asana experience! I don’t think this is in our immediate plans but I’ll make sure to keep you posted on this thread if I hear anything!

Have a great day!


This could be easy to automate if the default was for it to be compressed so there was one task on each row, rather than the default to put each new task on a new row. Alternatively, could there just be a function/button that moves non-overlapping tasks into the same row?


+1 would be very useful for us, timeline currently gets out of hand vertically