Don't stack every task in Timeline view

I find there’s way too much vertical scrolling in Timeline view. I understand it’s based on a Gantt chart and that’s just how that works, but hear me out.

For simplicity’s sake, say I have 40 tasks, every task takes 3 days to complete, and most of them don’t overlap at all. I end up with 40 tasks stacked vertically and by the time I scroll to the 40th one, I can’t see the top one anymore. So having the timeline view is kind of pointless if I can’t get the whole picture of my project. (In a spreadsheet that’s not that big a deal because you can zoom out or shrink the row-height. In Asana, you can’t.)

It would be great if tasks that don’t overlap are shown in the same “row”, horizontally side-by-side instead of stacked. It would allow you to see way more of your timeline and reduce the amount of vertical scrolling you need to do.

Hi @Justine_D, thanks for providing this feedback! :slight_smile:

Your suggestion would certainly be useful!

I’ll keep you updated here if our Product team make any changes to Timeline! :slight_smile: