Don't stack every task in Timeline view

Please fix this, the view is useless as is. And manually moving every task/milestone once added to keep it tidy is too painful, and its too easy to accidentally shift dates.

Auto condense, whilst keeping the titles visible horizontally would be perfect, so it couldn’t just condense everything to a single line etc

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Yes very much agreed. I’m trialing the Business plan now and very much need this to consider purchasing for myself and my department.

has there been any movement on this pain point?? or any plans?

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I totally agree and coupled with the slow loading as described in this bug, it means that we can’t use asana for product roadmaps to share with others in the Org to view.

Chiming in here, this needs to be fixed but I can see why it exists as intended behaviour.

Not sure how we’re going to differentiate between tasks that should be on the same line or not, but I suggest the following:

  • new lines only for tasks with overlapping dates
  • new lines only for different tags, if two different tasks have the same tags or collection of tags and do not overlap, they should be on the same line
  • a setting which can toggle between the existing solution and a future solution, you never know: some people might like it how it is now (but that option should be an extremely visible toggle switch, maybe “stacked” could be the phrase?)

Is this still not fixed? It’s pretty annoying that the tasks stack, I need a nice clean condensed view of all my tasks.

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Where are we at with this? Please Please Please create an option for a condensed/linear view as opposed to cascading. I need my ducks (tasks) in a row!

Are we any closer to getting this fixed? Would improve the use of the timeline so much. Kind of the point of a timeline isn’t it? To be in a line? Its been 3 years since this was raised. Is it even on the development plan?

Thanks in advance


This is also a request from my user community, would be great to see this coming in 2024 :slight_smile: