How to stop timeline creating a "cascading" view of tasks?

This is very annoying and unnecessary for tasks that don’t have an extended timeline. If I have single day tasks across a timeline like this then its perfectly fine for them to be on the same line, that is in fact desirable.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Sadly know, I wish!

Oh dear, is there a way to push this across to product feedback?

There is already one you can join Don't stack every task in Timeline view

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thank you for the sharing product feedback to opt for

How do I implement this? I WANT my tasks to cascade in the timeline view. @Bastien_Siebman

Hi @Nikki_Arthur

By default, this is the behavior.
Then, in your List view, if you have multiple tasks with due date with an interval of time, they will automatically cascade.

In the timeline view, can also create (left click) or move tasks to create the cascade.

Another example with milestones and dependencies.

Hi, @Arthur_BEGOU-

This is not happening on my timeline view- please see an example of (a highly problematic) timeline we use.

Are you able to help troubleshoot getting this timeline to cascade? Ideally, tasks would sort by start date (within their respective sections), and there would be no vertical gaps in between tasks (currently, I have to infinitely scroll down to see if there are any tasks buried at the bottom of the timeline).

Is it possible to set up time with an Asana support member to fix this issue 1:1?

Hey @Nikki_Arthur

This is the default behavior when you create a new project with tasks one by one, but indeed, I’ve seen some weird dispositions sometimes for certain projects, without being completely sure of identifying the pattern.

But what about if you use the “Sort” option? (please see screenshot)

Please let me know

You can try to contact the support, but I doubt they schedule a 1:1 with you (that’s probably not part of their SLA), but that’s just my feeling.

To take a closer look and optimize your projects, you can also contact an Asana Solution partner to get some dedicated consulting (I work for one of them, iDO).
You can find the complete list of partners there.