linear arrangement of tasks in the timeline

Does anyone know, why it is not possible anymore to arrange single tasks, whose due date is limited to one day, linearly in one row in the timeline?

As soon as we are trying, the tasks are ‘jumping’ up or down.

Tasks, whose due sate ist two days ore more in advance could still be arranged linearly one after eych other in the timeline.


Hello @Sascha_Schniotalla,

welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thank you kindly for this feedback. I have forwarded this to the product team. Please be aware this feature is currently slowly being rolled out and our team is collecting feedback so we appreciate you taking the time and sharing this with us.

Update: The product team has confirmed some changes to this behaviour, which they have recently introduced. You should now be able to place single-day tasks (that don’t have subtasks) side by side and the task metadata to the right of the task will truncate dynamically. Let us know if you have any troubles!

Best wishes,


@Jonas_F got there before me! The issue has been solved for single day tasks (without subtasks)! If you haven’t yet, you can also upvote Allow to stack multiple tasks in Timeline on a single line