Subtasks are now visible on Timeline!

Who said sub-tasks were not “like real tasks” ? :grin:

Great addition, thanks !


Hello all :wave:

Quick update to let you know Subtasks on Timeline in now available to 50% of our customers! We’re hoping to have it rolled out to all our users in mid-January! Let us know below if you have any questions!


This is so good and extremely helpful. Thank you!


Will subtasks be visible in Calendar View too?

Not this time @Rachel_Andersson, but that’s something we’re looking into!


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This is definitely exciting, and a step in the right direction!!

Our biggest challenge is being able to see a snapshot of all our resources workload (tasks & subtasks) across all projects at once for this week and next week. (FYI - Adding subtasks to the project, as recommended on previous threads, is not an option for us as this is way to messy.) This is such an issue for us with Asana, that we are actually looking at alternatives to move off of Asana. When, if ever, will we be able to see task and subtask assignments by resource & project within a portfolio? I honestly don’t care if it’s under the timeline or workload view, or if you decide to add calendar to portfolios that show all tasks and subtasks of a project by resource, we just need to be able to have this information easily accessible. This seems to be a basic and necessary need. Does Asana have a plan in place to implement changes that will be able to fix this issue? If not, we most likely will be moving off of Asana within the next 6 months to a year.


WOO-HOO! This is huge! I jumped for joy when I saw the notification for this in my inbox! Thank you so much, development team!!! :tada: :partying_face:

Agreed! I love the new subtask feature – but I spent a long time stacking the tasks properly for my team to read more easily. I’m really hoping this is a bug that can be fixed!


I don’t see this feature as of today. Please update this thread when you have reached 100% distribution so that I can confirm we have access.

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I am so excited to see this, but also do not yet have it available!

How exciting! :star_struck:

Is there an update on the rollout of this feature? I am still not seeing it in my Asana account!

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Only one added level in the hierarchy. Keep going.


Upvoting! it should be fixed. It’s sad but Timeline is not usable for us anymore. Is there any possibility we’ll see some update for that?

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Now if you could only show subtasks in the workload tab, that could be extremely useful. We need to be able to see our resources’ availability and the majority of our staff is only assigned to subtasks. We still have no way of seeing who is available to be assigned to tasks.


Fantastic! Timeline is now much more usable. Now if we can get Subtasks added to Workload, we’ll no longer need to manage a whole separate Subtasks section in every project. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I agree, it is no longer possible to align the tasks horizontally, it is very annoying to read the timeline…


Tasks can still be aligned horizontally as long as they have a 1 day gap between them to allow for the :arrow_forward: expand arrow to ‘fit’. Of course, tasks usually follow each other without gaps, unless between weekends so this is clearly an unfortunate side effect of a great feature which will be useful to many :confused:

If only the :arrow_forward: was placed within the tasks’ bars and not to the left of them… :thinking:


Although the implementation needs some tweaking, It is encouraging to see any adjustments to subtasks. I am hopeful for more changes this year regarding an easier method of adding them to a project (without making them appear as a full task) and seeing subtasks in workload.
Appreciate the teams involved on these updates.