Inconsistent dragging of tasks in timeline view

Dragging the start or end of a task in timeline view lets you change the date easily… unless there is another task in the way. In that case, it blocks the task from extending into that space. However, there is no logical reason for the block [edit: there are no task dependencies]. If you change the date using the task details, it will move the other task down onto a new line.

This is a pity, because timeline is a really useful way of seeing what tasks are assigned to who, when they are due and when they are being worked on. Dragging out the end date is common, as things often go overdue. But this because unnecessarily slower when you can’t just click and drag because another task is in the way.

Hey @Peter_Kapitola,

did you draw any dependencies that would cause this?

What are your current settings under the dependency management?

Yeah unfortunately this is know, have a look here Allow to stack multiple tasks in Timeline on a single line

Hi Andrea

No, there are no task dependencies. These are simple independent tasks that are scheduled with a start and end date. It’s not really a “project” in the traditional sense - more of a job management and scheduling system.

Our dependency settings are set to “Consume buffer”, though it would not appear relevant in this case.

That other thread you have linked is confusing to me. Because in our case, the fact that it moves a task down to another line is expected behaviour and not a problem, because the tasks overlap with no dependencies, so it makes sense that they will have to be on separate lines.

Any luck with this? I know exactly what you are referring to and it’s driving me nuts!

No, it’s still an issue.